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From "Aaron Freeman" <>
Subject Continuum and ClearCase
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 21:44:09 GMT
I am bran new to Continuum. I have been learning Maven over last few
weeks and have a decent understanding of it, now I'm trying to figure
out how to setup Continuum. We got it installed and running, and now
we are trying to get one of our Maven project to build under it. On
the Continuum page where you add a new POM it asks for the POM URL I'm
not sure what to enter. We are using ClearCase for our version control
(without the web interface), so all I have to give it is a path in the
file system to the POM. Everything we have tried to put in has come
back as invalid. I don't know what it is expecting.

Can anyone help?

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