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From Matt McGill <>
Subject Re: Clearing hanged builds
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 18:21:03 GMT
Wasn't in a subprocess, so I restarted Continuum - project build  
status is still "In Progress." I suspect this is my fault though -  
the stuck project is the parent of a child project which I deleted  
while the parent was building. I'm not really surprised that things  
got mixed up. I figured I should say something anyway, since even  
though this is likely a user error, it would be nice if it was  
handled a bit more gracefully at some point. In the mean time, is  
there any way for me to clear it out without too much trouble? It's  
not actually causing any problems right now, and I could just nuke  
the /apps/continuum folder and re-configure the couple projects I've  
got configured, but I'd rather not =)


On Feb 17, 2006, at 11:51 AM, Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

> Where has it hung? in continuum or in sub-process (maven, ant,  
> shell script)?
> If it's in sub-process, kill it because if you don't kill it, it  
> will be a zombie process. If your project is always "In Progress",  
> restart Continuum.
> If it's in Continuum, restart Continuum.
> All status are cleaned at continuum startup.
> Emmanuel
> Matt McGill a écrit :
>> I've got a build that has hung, leaving Continuum to permanently   
>> display "In Progress..." for its status. I read in a previous  
>> message  to this list that it was somehow possible in 1.0.2 to  
>> clear the  offending build out of the database without doing it  
>> manually, but  I'm unsure of how to do so. Can someone clue me in?
>> -Matt

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