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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Problem with remote repos
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 13:36:06 GMT
What do you use in settings for your remote repository?

We have a bug in 1.0.2 and settings loading. It's fixed in 1.0.3


Brian E. Fox a écrit :
> Is there a known problem with 1.0.2 and using remote repositories? I
> have my settings.xml in the correct place because it is finding
> artifacts from the local repo but not the remote one. Here's what's
> happening:
> I have a build running every hour. I have a common parent from which
> this derives. I update and deploy this parent from a computer different
> than continuum. I check in the code. Continuum goes to build and fails
> because it can't find the parent. If I repeat this except before
> continuum runs, I checkout the parent and install on the continuum
> machine, it works fine. The settings file is an exact copy of the one
> maven is using and all builds work perfectly with maven. 
> So it seems like continuum somehow isn't reading or using the remote
> repositories.

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