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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Help - The working directory uses numbers instead of the project names
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 13:25:41 GMT

Michael Mattox a écrit :
> "No, you don't have missed something. Actually, you can't choose the
> working directory.
> Why do you use some files from an other project? Thses files are
> included in generated artifact?
> Emmanuel"
> --
> I'm talking about resource files.  They're not included in the jars we
> produce.  So we have this:
>       <testResource>
>         <directory>../config/src/main/config</directory>
>       </testResource>
> for example to put our common config files in a single project.

I think it isn't good to use config files from an other project and take them with a relative
A better solution would be to add your config files in a jar, put it in your repository and
on it in your other projects with a scope test. You'll can access to your files with 
getClass.getResource(...) or something like this.

> The other problem we have is the website:
> http://adclinux:9090/continuum/maven/working-directory/21/target/site/
> You can see here 21 which should be "common".  Since these change we
> can't bookmark the site.

Continuum use a number (the project id) since this first version.

> Isn't there a way to use the real project names instead of numbers? 
> Honestly the numbers don't make any sense to me.  We're trying
> symbolic links, not sure if that will work or not.

It isn't possible for now to change the working directory, perhaps in a future version.
target directory isn't accessible directly with continuum, so i guess you have an apache configured

to use this directory. symlink should work but it isn't a good solution to use target/site
with each build the clean goal is launched so your site isn't always accesible. I think a
site will be better.


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