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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Problems with multi-module CVS URLs
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 15:53:09 GMT
your parent is in cvs, right?

you can go on IRC and we'll can chat about it


Mang Jun Lau a écrit :
> Yes I understand that it is invalid.  I went on IRC and someone pointed 
> out to me that to get the colons, I would have to add a SCM url to each 
> child pom.  So I did that and things are fine now.
> I have another question though.  This is sort of similar to the 
> multi-module thread.  I would like to build all child projects by just 
> hitting build on the parent project.  I took off the -N parameter so that 
> it will build recursively.  The problem for me is that the SCM url 
> specified in the parent pom does not point anywhere and is invalid since 
> there is nothing to checkout for the parent pom.  It's just a POM project. 
>  So since the URL is invalid, the build never progresses and fails right 
> away.  My parent pom works when I build manually from the command line 
> since it doesn't need to checkout anything.  This is different in 
> Continuum.  So how can I get around this problem?  Do I just point the URL 
> to some dummy module in CVS to allow the build to progress?
> Thanks.
> _Mang
>>Yes, your scm url is invalid. 
>>look at correct format: 

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