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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: How to make Continuum respect maven installation-wide settings.xml?
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 12:52:29 GMT
Ok, seems to be a bug somewhere.

Michael, can we have a little settings.xml with an active profile and a pom that need a resolution?

It will be perhaps more easy to track the bug.


Christian Mouttet a écrit :
> Grüetzi Michael,
> it seems that you have the same problem as I have. You may take a look at 
> where a lot of comments and 
> trials are listed.
> What's your system? If Linux - what distribution? Emmanuel sucessfully tested 
> it with Fedora 4. For my SuSE SLES-9 it's not running.
> -chris
> Am Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2006 12:02 schrieb Michael Böckling:
>>Thank you Emmanuel for your help, but unfortunately, this isn't working,
>>it still says "${curr-scm-root}Build/Parent-Project" in the Continuum
>>project info page.
>>When I go to /opt/continuum-1.0.2/apps/continuum/working-directory/6817
>>and type "mvn help:effective-pom", everything looks right, the element
>>"project.scm.connection" is properly interpolated. Could it be that
>>Continuum does not interpolate pom values upon project import?
>>    Michael
>>>You must copy your settings.xml in
>>>Absolute path of settings.xml is written in your continuum logs.
>>>Why don't you define it in ${user.home}/.m2/settings.xml?
>>>Michael Böckling a écrit :
>>>>in have a settings.xml in my maven installation directory where I
>>>>define an active profile:
>>>>My SCM information in the POM depend on a profile being activated,
>>>>because I want to be able to switch between different repository
>>>>roots depending on the environment (dev/int/prod).
>>>>When I try to import a project to Continuum, the profile does not get
>>>>activated, because the settings.xml in the Maven installation
>>>>directory is obviously not being read, resulting in a SCM url like
>>>>this: "${curr-scm-root}Build/Parent-Project". The property
>>>>${curr-scm-root}is not interpolated, because the profile is not
>>>>Is there a way to configure Continuum such that it reads
>>>>maven-2.0.2/conf/settings.xml, or must I copy settings.xml somewhere
>>>>in my continuum installation so it gets picked up?
>>>>   Michael
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