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From Michael Böckling <>
Subject How to make Continuum respect maven installation-wide settings.xml?
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 10:20:39 GMT

in have a settings.xml in my maven installation directory where I define 
an active profile:
My SCM information in the POM depend on a profile being activated, 
because I want to be able to switch between different repository roots 
depending on the environment (dev/int/prod).
When I try to import a project to Continuum, the profile does not get 
activated, because the settings.xml in the Maven installation directory 
is obviously not being read, resulting in a SCM url like this: 
"${curr-scm-root}Build/Parent-Project". The property ${curr-scm-root}is 
not interpolated, because the profile is not activated.
Is there a way to configure Continuum such that it reads 
maven-2.0.2/conf/settings.xml, or must I copy settings.xml somewhere in 
my continuum installation so it gets picked up?


Giniality AG - Michael Böckling; Steinenberg 21, CH-4051 Basel
P: +41 61 226 99 63 - F: +41 61 226 99 69;

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