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From Denis Fuenzalida <>
Subject Re: Continuum + maven 2 + subversion.
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:06:39 GMT
1.- You must upload your pom.xml to continuum by adding a "maven 2.0
project" in the continuum menu. Your pom.xml must contain the SCM
information, like this:


2.- I use Eclipse 3.1.x as my IDE, with the subclipse plugin. You can
generate the files required by eclipse by running "mvn
eclipse:eclipse" on your project and then Import - Existing project
into the workspace. In Eclipse, you'll need to define an M2 workspace
variable which points to your local maven repository. Then you can
easily add your project into a svn server. When your project is
managed with svn in Eclipse, you can right-click a file and mark it as
"add to svn ignore".

you can use the svn from the command line also, as described here:

See you,


2006/1/12, Chandavarapu, Gopal <>:
> Hi,
> I too want to use all the three tools together. But I am stuck at the red
> line below.
> Can you tell me how to go forward now.
> 1. What do you mean by upload the file to continuum--- what do I need to do
> with the pom.xml file. what other changes do I need to do to get the
> continuum server, check the repository constantly and when ever there is a
> latest checkin from some user, the continuum server should build etc and
> email a status report.
> 2. and how to add the target folder to the svn:ignore in which file ?
> Please let me know
> Many Thanks.
> Kindly cc the reply to also.

"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"
-- The Beatles, "The End"

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