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From Ryan Wynn <>
Subject Re: Status of PVCS scm
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 21:28:00 GMT
On 1/6/06, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
> We need a contributor for PVCS support in maven-scm.
> PVCS = Serena Dimension, right?
> A user wanted to do it but he doesn't find the time for it, so the status is "not started".
> Do you want help us to add it in maven-scm?
> Emmanuel
> Ryan Wynn a écrit :
> > Does anyone know the status of the work on a PVCS scm plugin for
> > maven?  I am really excited about what I have been able to do with
> > Continuum and CVS and looking forward to intregating continuus builds
> > with PVCS at some point.

I am pretty sure Serena Dimension is PVCS.  I have Merant PVCS
Dimension 7.2 with no mention of Serena but I think Serena is the new
company name if I am not mistaken.

I would love to contribute to maven-scm for pvcs but honestly I would
need to get up to speed on the pvcs api.  It looks like ant already
has a PVCS task so I will start there.
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