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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Forgot password
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2006 08:58:14 GMT
Sorry, the table is CONTINUUMUSER and the column is HASHED_PASSWORD

ctrl-C is the normal way to stop Continuum.


Bob Herrrmann a écrit :
> Yikes, I have no USER table, there are about  15 tables under the SA schmea,
> but no USER table.  There is a USERGROUP table.
> I thought it was a little gruff when it through an exception when attempting
> to log in.   Looks like my DB got corrupted.   I did run it in console mode
> ( console) and used control-c to exit (by accident - wrong xterm), I
> wonder it that could have trashed it.
> -bob
> On 1/25/06, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
>>You need to modify manually database.
>>Change your password in User table, password must be encrypted whith sha1.
>>Bob Herrrmann a écrit :
>>>Ok, if I forgot my continuum password (which is the only admin account),
>>>what corrective measure (besides reinstall) do I have?

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