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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Revision comments and starteam
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 08:08:21 GMT

Bob Herrrmann a écrit :
> Before the bitching starts, let me say I think this is a really cool
> project.  Damn easy to setup and get running - almost a joy to use.  Looks
> very slick.  Seems someone took a great deal of time and thought to make
> everything as clean and simple as possible.  I appreciate this very much.


> three issues or thoughts;
> 1. One nice thing about other build systems (anthill, cruise control) is
> they include (in the change report) the comments of the checkins.  It seems
> continuum doesnt provide these comments (at least not with Starteam.)  Is
> this in the works? (I'm using an ant based project in continuum)

Probably a bug, file an issue on maven-scm project (

> 2. I also like to customize the build report a little.  AntHill lets you
> modify the velocity template (thus we can add say a link to the unit tests
> junitreport), Is there a way to do this in continuum?

In 1.1, Continuum will be a webapp with jsp and jsp will can be modified.
Actually, if you want to modifiy templates, you need to modify them into continuum-web jar,
but i 
think it isn't a good idea.

> 3. I thought I might take a stab at looking at the source, so I thought I
> would have continuum build continuum.  Seemed pretty easy.  Just create a
> Maven 2 and use the URL to the POM and away it goes... it seemed to be
> humming right along (it automatically created the 8 projects.)  But then it
> failed to build them.  I was disappointed.   Shouldn't this *just work*? (I
> know you probably are going to ask for more details....)


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