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From "Jens Zastrow" <>
Subject M2 multiprojects, build dependent projects builded too
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:40:17 GMT
The multiproject structure.

A (parent)
   B (extends A)
   C (extends B)

Adding this M2-project to continuum result in having 3 separate projects
- A,B,C not using the 
recursive build for A.
Project A contains the whole directory-tree - including B,C too - which
results - if one 
makes changes to B or C - in a new build to A because of the svn-change
(IMHO useless). 
Project B or C get builded too, dependent where the change happend (IMHO
a correct behavior).

If now a change to A was made - i.e. adding new plugin or dependency to
the pom.xml only A gets 
build but NOT B and C which depend on A - i.e. extending the pom.xml of

Why continuum behaves like this?
Are there some options to force the - "case about project dependencies"

Jens Zastrow

PS: Ive been using Cruisecontrol for a long time, and iam still new to

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