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From "Stevenson, Chris" <>
Subject RE: multi-module maven 2 project
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 18:04:29 GMT

Can I just check, did you setup your mvn multi module project by submitting
the parent pom and continuum working it out? Or did you have to create a
command line project? 

I remember a while back that continuum couldn't build multi module projects,
except as a command line project..... Or am I going nuts..


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From: Johnson, Jonathan [] 
Sent: 27 January 2006 15:26
Subject: RE: multi-module maven 2 project

Thanks Emmanuel - comments below.

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From: Emmanuel Venisse []
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 9:37 AM
Subject: Re: multi-module maven 2 project

Johnson, Jonathan a écrit :
> I'm using maven 2.0.2, Continuum 1.0.2 and java 1.5.  My project is a 
> multi-module that is laid out in the recommended maven 2 manner and is 
> building my projects (phew).  I have a couple questions about my 
> experiences so far.
> 1.	When I change some information in my parent pom.xml (such as the
> developer list.)  do I have to readd the pom again.  Is there a 
> refresh option?

>> Normally, the pom will be refresh automatically by continuum, but it 
>> >> >> doens't to do it. File an issue about it.
>> So actually, if your pom isn't updated in continuum, delete your project
>> and readd it.

I will file the issue.

> 2.	If I add my parent pom.xsl it adds all the child modules again
> and there are duplicate modules in the continuum projects list.  I 
> then have to remove my old modules and readjust the local continuum 
> settings such as the schedule and targets.  When I apply and updated 
> pom, I wish it just updated them and kept my local continuum settings.

>> File an issue, i'll look at it.
>> Your modules was already in continuum before adding the parent, right?

Yes.  The steps are add a parent pom.xml file.  Notice the parent and all
submodules appear.  Not add a new version of the same parent pom.xml.  The
sub-modules will appear twice in the list.

I will file the issue.

> 3.	Removing projects from continuum can take several minutes.  

>> If your project is big, it can take several minutes because we clean 
>> all >> infos in database and directories.

The more classes in the module, the longer it takes, yet for a module with
<1000 classes is takes several minutes. I will file the issue. 

> 4.	Adding project to continuum takes several minutes.

>> Only if you have lot of modules.

> 5.	Is performance being addressed or am I doing something wrong?
> I'm running red hat linux box with a decent processor.  My 
> multi-module project only has about 1000 classes.  Its take me about 
> 15 minutes to update a pom.xml in continuum.

>> Is it 15 minutes to checkout/update from scm or to build the project?

I takes about two minutes to do a CVS checkout of all the source.  Yes CVS
is slow, but is seems continuum is taking much longer to do a multi-project
add.  Once I have hard numbers I will file an issue.


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