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From "Eric Pugh (OSC2)" <>
Subject Compile error doesn't cause build failure on M2
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 14:30:33 GMT
Hi all,

I've seen in the archives some posts about Ant and M1 build failures  
not being propagated back properly.  However, I am noticing the same  
thing under M2.  I intentionally put in a compile error:
Compiling 35 source files to C:\continuum-1.0.1\apps\continuum 
[INFO] Compilation failure

\com\ergito\search\[22,20] cannot find symbol
symbol  : variable sSuffix
location: class

how ever my builds are considered successes:
2005-12-02 08:14:22,035 [Thread-1] WARN   
ContinuumBuildExecutor:maven2  - Execut
able 'c:\maven-2.0\bin\mvn'.
2005-12-02 08:14:22,035 [Thread-1] INFO   
ContinuumBuildExecutor:maven2  - Argume
nts: --batch-mode --non-recursive clean install
2005-12-02 08:14:22,035 [Thread-1] INFO   
ContinuumBuildExecutor:maven2  - Workin
g directory: C:\continuum-1.0.1\bin\..\apps\continuum\working- 
2005-12-02 08:14:35,629 [Thread-1] INFO   
ContinuumBuildExecutor:maven2  - Exit c
ode: 0
2005-12-02 08:14:35,848 [Thread-1] INFO   
Notifier:mail                  - Curren
t build state: 2, previous build state: 2

In the FAQ Entry: How does Continuum detect a successful build?
It refers to maven or ant, but I'm not sure if that means "maven1 and  
maven2".  Also, the line about adding something to the beginning of  
You must add too, at the begin of $CONTINUUM/bin/win32/run.bat, the  
following lines if you run Continuum from command line :
seems to suggest you should use the wrapper run.bat versus the  
plexus.bat method?

Lastly, adding set.MAVEN_TERMINATE_CMD=0n to the wrapper.conf seems  
like to should come that way?


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