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From "Neil Padgen" <>
Subject RE: Cannot add Perforce project to Continuum 1.0.2
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 16:15:38 GMT

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> From: Mike Perham [] 
> Sent: 13 December 2005 16:01
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> Subject: RE: Cannot add Perforce project to Continuum 1.0.2
> Neil, I'm the Perforce SCM plugin author.  Perhaps I need to 
> explain why the Perforce SCM plugin is doing what it is doing.
> Continuum needs to check out a project's source into a 
> particular working directory.  Perforce does not have any 
> notion of checkout to a random directory - you need to use a 
> clientspec to map a depot location onto a local filesystem 
> location and then sync that clientspec in order to checkout.  
> So when Continuum asks the plugin to checkout //depot/foo to 
> /tmp/working/bar, the plugin creates or updates a clientspec 
> named ${user}-${host}-maven to have a Root of 
> /tmp/working/bar with a View mapping of //depot/foo/... to 
> //${user}-${host}-maven/... and syncs that.
> The idea is that the user should not have to create any 
> special build clientspec - the plugin will handle all of that 
> internally.

Yep, got all that.  However, we have a naming policy for our Perforce
clientspecs here (project-branch-machine), so I'm trying to persuade
Continuum to use that.

I'm not sure how to persuade Continuum to use a specified username for
Perforce though.  Our Perforce license grants us one automated
(non-human) user, who is called "background", so all automated processes
which use Perforce need to use that Perforce user.  It's unlikely that
Continuum will run as a user "background", so this will need to be

> Obviously there is a bit of gum in the works.  I'm planning 
> on installing Continuum today and trying out a build of my 
> own to see if I have any better luck.  I'll let you know how I fare.

Looking forward to hearing it! :-)

-- Neil

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