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From "Bravo, Kris" <>
Subject RE: FW: Webapps, xdoclet and Continuum
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 16:54:49 GMT

Even if I call webdoclet on the project-library project, I still cannot push
it to project-webapp to use. So it sounds like I have to abandon the
practice of packing classes in a webapp into a jar library first. Or abandon
the web.xml & struts.xml generation.

So although this particular scenario doesn't show an example of the reverse
issue, I'd like to bring up another to demonstrate a show-stopper for using
continuum with sub-projects:

Let's suppose you have a maven plugin which javadocs subprojects source code
in one lump. Since Maven's model is to break up an effort into projects by
deployment artifact, this plugin must be called from the parent project:

- javadoc-maven-plugin

This allows the plugin to traverse each subproject's source directory and
examine the code.
So if "../project-library/src/main/java" is bad, I bet
"project-*/src/main/java" is bad as well...

And correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the only path for building this
type of project, where projects and subprojects are tied together, is by
executing a script.

Having never looked at the continuum codebase, how difficult would it be to
support an m2 build of type pom and flag it to include subprojects in the
single build instead of dividing them out as separate entries? Something
like this: 

   -Specify the location of the pom.xml: {url}
   -Check here to include subprojects in a single build: [x]

And the same question applies to an m2 project and adding the option of
checking out a more shallow root:
   -Specify the location of the pom.xml: {url}
   -Specify the checkout root: {url - project directory }

"Yes, it's generally what other users do, but i prefer another lib too, if
code is reusable in an 
other project."

  Exactly, and for a webapp I can cite the log4j initialization servlet as
an example.


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From: Emmanuel Venisse [] 
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: FW: Webapps, xdoclet and Continuum

Bravo, Kris a écrit :
> I'm looking for some advice on how to use continuum to build a web
> application where the web.xml is generated using the webdoclet ran against
> another project's codebase.
> I have a parent project with two subprojects which generate a class file
> and a war file:
> project-parent:
> ---project-library
> ---project-webapp
> The jar contains the servlet code used by the war file. The web.xml file
> generated using Kenney's xdoclet-maven-plugin, but has a little quirk to
> the configuration of the webdoclet command has a source directory with a
> relative path of "../project-library/src/main/java".

This is bad.
> This works fine for builds in a development environment. But continuum
> checks out into numbered working directories and the path doesn't make
> sense in its build process.
> Is there a way to tell continuum you want to perform a checkout one
> directory higher than the pom?

no with m2 project, but you can do it if you choose shell project.

> Or perhaps a way to perform an xdoclet
> against a jar file full of sources instead? 

I don't know and i don't think.

> I'm assuming that the typical manner of doing this is to include the
> code in the war project instead. I was avoiding this in the interest of
> having the class files sitting in WEB-INF/classes - I prefer another lib
> entry instead.

Yes, it's generally what other users do, but i prefer another lib too, if
code is reusable in an 
other project.


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