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From Ryan Wynn <>
Subject newbie questions
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 22:32:51 GMT
I just started using continuum today to build my maven2 projects.  My
environment is AIX and I started continuum using  I added 2
projects and now have them successfully building/deploying from the
web interface.  Two questions.

(1) how do I stop continuum? I noticed that there are
start,stop,status,etc args under bin/env/ for each of the
supported environments (eg linux), but I did not see anything like
this for  Am I even correct in using plexus for AIX?

(2) how do I enable the quartz based scheduling.  I added the
following cron settings to DEFAULT_SCHEDULE and did not see my
projects being build on the hour

0 0 * * * ?

the schedule IS enabled in the web console and each of my projects are

very nice tool by the way.
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