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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Problem with maven 2 modules
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:21:20 GMT

Piotr Bzdyl a écrit :
> Hello,
>> When you add a project with modules, on your server that host pom, you 
>> need to have the correct directory structure.
>> In your case, you need to have on your http server, this structure:
>> projectX
>>     your_pom_X_file
>>     projectA
>>         your_pom_A_file
>>     projectB
>>         your_pom_B_file
>> So you can't use a maven repository for adding project if your project 
>> contains modules.
> IMHO it doesn't make sense to not use maven2 repository to fetch child 
> poms - it's pointless to publish poms using special directory layout 
> required by continuum instead of using existing maven2 repository 
> standard. When do you plan to introduce support for scm checking out of 
> modules?

We can't find child poms in maven repository because we have only a directory name (generally
same as artifactId) but we don't have groupId and version. We are in discussion (for maven
2.1) for 
adding groupId/artifactId/version in module declaration. If we implement it in maven, continuum
can find child pom in maven repository.

File an issue, and we'll perhaps include it in 1.1

> And another issue:

> Why generated module pom URL has ..../projectX-1.0-SNAP/... instead of 
> ..../projectX-1.0-SNAPSHOT/...? Is it a bug?

sure, file an issue.


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