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From Piotr Bzdyl <>
Subject Re: Problem with maven 2 modules
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:12:11 GMT
> When you add a project with modules, on your server that host pom, you 
> need to have the correct directory structure.
> In your case, you need to have on your http server, this structure:
> projectX
>     your_pom_X_file
>     projectA
>         your_pom_A_file
>     projectB
>         your_pom_B_file
> So you can't use a maven repository for adding project if your project 
> contains modules.

IMHO it doesn't make sense to not use maven2 repository to fetch child 
poms - it's pointless to publish poms using special directory layout 
required by continuum instead of using existing maven2 repository 
standard. When do you plan to introduce support for scm checking out of 

And another issue:

Why generated module pom URL has ..../projectX-1.0-SNAP/... instead of 
..../projectX-1.0-SNAPSHOT/...? Is it a bug?

Best regards,

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