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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: FW: Webapps, xdoclet and Continuum
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 16:14:35 GMT

Bravo, Kris a écrit :
> I'm looking for some advice on how to use continuum to build a web
> application where the web.xml is generated using the webdoclet ran against
> another project's codebase.
> I have a parent project with two subprojects which generate a class file jar
> and a war file:
> project-parent:
> ---project-library
> ---project-webapp
> The jar contains the servlet code used by the war file. The web.xml file is
> generated using Kenney's xdoclet-maven-plugin, but has a little quirk to it:
> the configuration of the webdoclet command has a source directory with a
> relative path of "../project-library/src/main/java".

This is bad.
> This works fine for builds in a development environment. But continuum
> checks out into numbered working directories and the path doesn't make much
> sense in its build process.
> Is there a way to tell continuum you want to perform a checkout one
> directory higher than the pom?

no with m2 project, but you can do it if you choose shell project.

> Or perhaps a way to perform an xdoclet
> against a jar file full of sources instead? 

I don't know and i don't think.

> I'm assuming that the typical manner of doing this is to include the source
> code in the war project instead. I was avoiding this in the interest of not
> having the class files sitting in WEB-INF/classes - I prefer another lib
> entry instead.

Yes, it's generally what other users do, but i prefer another lib too, if code is reusable
in an 
other project.


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