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From Zabil <>
Subject RE: Perforce testing needed
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 06:00:24 GMT
It fails for me
Here is the output I get.

2005-12-16 11:15:35,361 [Thread-1] INFO  ContinuumScm
- Checking out project: 'MDS WMS Merger', id: '1' to 
Working dir:

2005-12-16 11:15:35,439 [Thread-1] INFO  ScmManager - Executing: 
p4 -H perforce:1666 -u -P ******* client -i
2005-12-16 11:15:35,455 [Thread-1] DEBUG ScmManager - Updating clientspec:
Root: D:\apache\continuum-1.0.2\bin\..\apps\continuum\working-directory\1
        Created by maven-scm-provider-perforce

And the dreaded---

2005-12-16 11:15:35,705 [Thread-1] WARN  ContinuumScm - Error
while checking out the code for project: 'MDS WMS Merger', id: '1' to
2005-12-16 11:15:35,705 [Thread-1] WARN  ContinuumScm - Command output:
2005-12-16 11:15:35,705 [Thread-1] WARN  ContinuumScm - Provider message:
Unable to sync

I have used the variable"zabil-cm"
in wrapper.conf

And the url that I am using is

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Perham []
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 10:25 PM
Subject: Perforce testing needed

All, I now have a version of the Perforce provider which works on
Continuum 1.0.2 in my own basic testing.  I would like to have a few
hardy volunteers to download the patched jar and try it on their own
build by placing it in apps/continuum/lib and restarting Continuum.  I'd
advise you to backup the old version but since that one didn't work,
what's the point?  :-)


I just used a shell build with NO SCM user/password.  The Perforce user
was logged in beforehand so no security was required (similar to doing a
'cvs login' and not having to log in anymore).  The clientspec naming is
still being commented on [ please
"watch" it if you want to participate in the conversation] so little has
changed in that regard.

Please email this list with your success or failures.


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