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From Baz <>
Subject Re: Strange 2401 prepended to SCM URL
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 01:11:18 GMT
On 12/8/05, Mayorgaadame, Alex <> wrote:
> I know that, but why it is being prepended to the CVS repository location??
> Anyhow it's not possible to checkout the project from the CVS.

Looks to me like you're missing the : after the 2401 in the scm url in
your project.xml

Something that surprised me at first about continuum was that after
getting hold of your project once it blithely ignores what you told it
in the configuration and tries to use the scm url in the project xml
(which may not be correct if you don't have the same network setup as
the person who wrote that project.xml). So you put the scm url into
continuum and it works once, but never again.

The colon after the (optional) port no. isn't actually required by
command line cvs if you have a leading slash, but that's not what its
man page says and most other cvs tools follow the documentation. I'm
guessing that you actually put in '2401/' not '2401:/' into the url
you used to configure continuum, and it's interpreted it per the man
page, or you didn't put it there and you've been suckered by it being
pulled in from your project.xml. Check both places and add a : if

Hope this helps

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