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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Property 'name' has no write method
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 21:19:39 GMT
I believe this is usually because of incompatible Jelly versions.

Are you using the same version of Maven 1 as you use outside
Continuum? Any Jelly deps in your project?

I think the Continuum logs show the command being run - try that
outside Continuum and see if you have more luck,

- Brett

On 11/21/05, Tim McCune <> wrote:
> I've got a project that is failing in Continuum inside the dashboard
> report.  It works fine outside of Continuum.  But every time I try to
> run it in Continuum, it fails with the error "Property 'name' has no
> write method".  I'm attaching the error below.  Any idea what could be
> wrong?
> File...... /home/tim/.maven/cache/maven-dashboard-plugin-1.6/plugin.jelly
> Element... m:reactor
> Line...... 55
> Column.... 65
> /home/tim/.maven/cache/maven-xdoc-plugin-1.8/plugin.jelly:516:51:  Property 'name' has
no write method

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