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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: svn push build scheduling
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 00:33:55 GMT
On 10/1/05, Mark Hobson <> wrote:
> How do you envisage this happening without iterating over the
> projects?  I'd rather not have an explicit map of scm paths to project
> ids in the hook, and I can't see them being derivable from the info
> svn provides.

I guess it would be best for continuum to take an SCM root/path and do
a reverse lookup.

For now, you get to map it, or iterate.

> > There is actually a 3rd listener (netcat) that would be significantly
> > easier to use from a post-commit hook than xmlrpc or soap.
> Where's the source (or dare I say doc ;) for this listener?  I had a
> quick look but couldn't find it.

I wasn't able to find the configuration for it in plexus-service-jetty
(only http and proxy-http). plexus-jetty contains the SocketListener
that you are after though.

Probably a question for Jason or Trygve. I'll point Jason at the
thread, see if he can help.


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