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From Doug Douglass <>
Subject Re: how to maven 1 multiprojects
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 20:27:39 GMT

I'm willing to help with the resolution, but in reviewing the code it's 
a little more complex than I expected (Project versus BuildDefintion), 
so no patch.


Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

> Can you filed a jira issue?
> Emmanuel
> Doug Douglass a écrit :
>> OK, replying to myself -- bad form, but here's what I've got so far:
>>   * Added some maven.xml goals to wrapup multiproject goals
>>   * Added multiproject to continuum (failed with NPEs until I added 
>> xmlns attribute to project element)
>>   * Adjusted the scm url (CVS) of the project to the directory one 
>> level above the build module.
>>   * Adjusted the build definition POM filename ("Relative path of the 
>> POM file") to "build/project.xml"
>> Continuum is successfully checking out the whole multiproject 
>> structure but chokes with:
>> org.apache.maven.continuum.execution.ContinuumBuildExecutorException: 
>> Could not find Maven project descriptor.
>> If I go behind the scenes of continuum, into this projects working 
>> directory, and execute "maven -p build/project.xml project:clean" 
>> maven reports success. So it appears a POM relative path is not working.
>> Doug Douglass wrote:
>>> First off, where do you guys get all the time to release these 
>>> projects? Between m2 2.0 and continuum 1.0, how much sleep have you 
>>> been getting. Not that I'm complaining ;) Well done!
>>> Just up and running with continuum and I've dropped in two m1 
>>> projects: one a simple project, the other a multiproject where the 
>>> root POM is in the parent directory of modules.
>>> I'd now like to drop in a larger multiproject where the root POM is 
>>> in a sibling directory to the actual modules (yes, because we're 
>>> using eclipse on this project ;). The "Getting Started" mentions a 
>>> "special" goal in maven.xml. On larger (for us) projects we often 
>>> write custom goals like project:build, project:clean, that just 
>>> wrapup standard goals. But this "special" goal will have to go 
>>> beyond what we usually do, for example I presume it will have to do 
>>> a scm:checkout and/or scm:update to grab the modules. Any hints? 
>>> examples?
>>> Thanks again.
>>> Doug

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