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From Doug Douglass <>
Subject how to maven 1 multiprojects
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 22:36:15 GMT
First off, where do you guys get all the time to release these projects? 
Between m2 2.0 and continuum 1.0, how much sleep have you been getting. 
Not that I'm complaining ;) Well done!

Just up and running with continuum and I've dropped in two m1 projects: 
one a simple project, the other a multiproject where the root POM is in 
the parent directory of modules.

I'd now like to drop in a larger multiproject where the root POM is in a 
sibling directory to the actual modules (yes, because we're using 
eclipse on this project ;). The "Getting Started" mentions a "special" 
goal in maven.xml. On larger (for us) projects we often write custom 
goals like project:build, project:clean, that just wrapup standard 
goals. But this "special" goal will have to go beyond what we usually 
do, for example I presume it will have to do a scm:checkout and/or 
scm:update to grab the modules. Any hints? examples?

Thanks again.


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