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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: continuum support in CC plugin for Firefox
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 08:00:16 GMT
Hi Dimitri,

I forward your mail to the continuum user list.

I didn't known your plugin, but it's a good idea , perhaps you'll need to rename it if you

support continuum ;-)

We have actually two possibility (not finished yet) to interact with continuum. They're 
( and 
continuum-xfire (

If you need more functionalities, check if they're exist in
Continuum-xfire and continuum-xmlrpc use it.

If you want to discuss on irc, you must use #continuum


Dmitri Maximovich a écrit :
> Emmanuel,
> Guys at #maven channel advised me to speak to you about this ;-)
> I'm the author of CruiseControl plugin for Mozilla Firefox project 
> ( and I'd like to add support for 
> Continuum as well.
>  From what I can see you already have some SOAP actions exposed, and 
> brett even mentioned that REST is supported/planned as well?? I quickly 
> browsed through and I 
> think one crucial (for me) call is missing from the list: I'd like to 
> get list of all projects with current build status (plus some aux. info, 
> such as last build timestamps, current activity etc) in one request. I 
> don't like an idea of executing N+1 requests to the server every minute 
> or so to collect all this information (I've seen people with hundreds 
> projects on their CC servers).
> I'd appreciate your comments and hope we can make it happen for 1.0 
> release of continuum, it should be pretty straightforward. What do you 
> think?
> PS I'm often on #maven, my nick is MaximDim.

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