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From Baz <>
Subject Re: build fails not noticed for maven1/win32?
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2005 00:36:23 GMT
On 10/28/05, Emmanuel Venisse <> wrote:
> I think cvsnt doesn't support z3 compression, but I'm not sure.

The times I posted were done with cvsnt on both client and server
side, so there's definitely z3 support in there. I saw a continuum log
message in there that said 'server doesn't accept gzip encoding' (I'm
away from the logs now, paraphrasing), so maybe scm disabled the flag
for some reason.

> Yes, it's an omission in maven-scm code. If you filed an issue in maven-scm project,
> can remember it.

Ok, I'll file a bug on maven-scm, thanks.

> Your expression isn't correct, it must be 0 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * ?

Eww!! Reading that page, I could write: "0 0-55/5 * * * ?" or "0
0-55/5 * ? * *" (ie "any day of the week and every day of the month",
or "every day of the week and any day of the month".) Which is has no
semantic difference from the POSIX cron syntax for both - "0-55/5 * *
* *" , just syntactic hairsplitting - not continuums fault of course.
What were they thinking?

However, the actual problem here is that continuum accepted the
pattern, but only failed on restart, when it was impossible to undo.

> We don't use db job storage, we store only cron expressions.
> Emmanuel

I was only getting my general dislike of quartz off my chest :)

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