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From Baz <>
Subject Seems like the CVS checkout command is not compatible with CVSNT
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:47:23 GMT
Miks Rozenbergs a �crit :
> Hello!
> Continuum can't checkout sources from CVS using following SCM URL
> <>:/cvs/src:BPM/source/com.exigen.bpm.util.
> It results in errors shown down bellow. As you can see the error happens
> while invoking command "cvs -f -d
> <>:2401/cvs/src -q checkout -r -d 1
> BPM/source/com.exigen.bpm.util".

I just had the exact same problem this morning, it isn't cvsnt's
fault. If you look closely at that command line: "...checkout -r -d
1..." actually means 'check out module "1" with a /tag/ of '-d'' . BTW
I tried this command line on cygwin too and it fails too. It wasnt
until I removed the '-d 1' from the command line that the error became
obvious, as it says you havent specified a module - the -r swallows
the module name and uses it as a tag.

Once I twigged this is what I'd done wrong, I went into the continuum
config and set the tag to 'HEAD'. This resulted in a command line like
"...checkout -r HEAD -d 1..." and everything works.

This looks like a bug in SCM to me, it shouldn't emit that '-r' unless
there's a tag specified?
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