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From Yann Le Du <>
Subject RE: Newbie Startup Question
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:27:43 GMT
Hi Bob,

Ran into the same issues :)

Once, support of file:// was planned, but it was replaced by the 'Upload'
feature. So file:// URLs are incorrect now.

When you add a parent POM, all the modules are recursively added, but not the
parent POM itself. I don't know whether this is on purpose. It's fine for me
because the parent POM only contains inherited properties and is not proper to
be built itself. Though, as you said, this mechanism fails with uploads, and
there is an open issue :

So, for the moment, I just upload the sub-projects one by one. It's a little
tedious, but once they're added, it's OK :)


--- "Allison, Bob" <> a écrit :

> I am trying to get started using Continuum and am having trouble
> importing my first project.  I am running Continuum 1.0-alpha-4 on the
> same machine as all of my sources and CVS server.
> My project has a top-level directory and three modules named 3rd-party,
> lib, and plugins.  I have created a CVS repository on the machine to
> hold the sources.  I do not have any CVS web viewer available on the
> machine.
> When I try to specify the POM as a file in Continuum's web page, it
> downloads the POM correctly, then fails to download the modules (I get
> the project builder downloading file:/tmp/summit-23448.tmp,
> file:/tmp/summit-2/3rd-party/pom.xml, file:/tmp/summit-2/lib/pom.xml,
> and file:/tmp/summit-2/plugins/pom.xml).  Since the three module POMs
> were not copied to /tmp/summit-2, I get warnings that the file could not
> be downloaded and no projects are created.
> If I try to use a file:/ URL in Continuum's web page
> (file:/path/to/pom/pom.xml), I get back an error message requesting that
> I specify a valid URL and no attempt is made to create the project.
> If I comment out the modules and specify the POM as a file, it is
> processed without warnings and creates 0 projects and 1 project group.
> The project group does not appear in the Continuum web project list
> (that list still shows 0 projects) and I don't know where I can check to
> see if anything will actually build.
> Can anybody give me a hand?


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