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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy and some suggestions
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:34:23 GMT
> Thanks for trying Continuum and even more for submitting your  
> comments!

No worries sure there are more to come :)

> In the next version it will be possible to reconfigure Continuum with
> another working directory so you can move the checkouts to another  
> place
> and then restart Continuum.


> It should update most of the field on each build. If you find  
> something
> that's not updated, please make a JIRA issue for it here[1].

Will re-check

> If you want to use mod_proxy you have to
> point it against the proxy listener. As you're saying it's not the
> mod_proxy that rewrites the links, it's done the proxy listener by  
> setting
> a "Proxy-Host:" in the HTTP request that's given to the  
> application. The
> default configuration has a disabled http proxy listener on port 8090.

...just wondering - why this effort and
not just using relative links?

> So in short to be able to use Continuum through a proxy listener,  
> enable
> the proxy listener (and disable the normal one if you want) and  
> configure
> mod_proxy to proxy against the machine running Continuum on port 8090.

Will give that a try

A few more comments/questions:

  o would be nice to have a status "queued for building"
  o would be nice to have a direct link to the reports from the  
continuum summary page
  o having the build numbers in the summary page like that is not too  
useful. I would
    rather like to have the revision and the number of builds for  
that revision.

     myproject r2433/2 - revision 2433 build 2

    the number of builds should be reset for each revision
  o why are builds sequential and not concurrently?


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