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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Migrating selenium web tests to web driver from remote control
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 01:28:04 GMT
Hi Brent,

I just tried the latest version (Selenium 2.41.0, with Firefox 29.0.1), and the "Invalid Element"
error has gone away, though it now appears to be getting stuck waiting for an element in the
delete build result test. I'll take another look, but I'll commit it in case you have a chance
to look too.

The RC code is still using webdriver under the covers, so I don't think changing the API is
going to help with that specific issue (but I could be wrong!).

Changing the API used and giving them a decent clean up would certainly be beneficial, though
I think you'd find the other things you're discussing more beneficial. Personally, I've used
other tools that front-end Selenium as well as things like PhantomJS to write web tests recently.

- Brett

On 18 May 2014, at 2:37 am, Brent Atkinson <> wrote:

> While trying to work on some issues and experiment, I noticed that the web
> tests no longer work on recent versions of firefox (as you noted in the
> readme Brett). It seems like there are some incompatibilities between
> firefox 18+ and recent versions of selenium.
> I was able to run the suite successfully by downgrading to firefox 17.
> However, it appears from the changelog that recent versions of selenium
> should be supported:
> Since remote control is deprecated, I am wondering if it might make sense
> to try and migrate the web tests to web driver.
> One thing I noted is that supporting tests for multiple browsers appears to
> be a bit more difficult with web driver vs remote control (since it used
> injected JavaScript). At present, how many browsers are we typically
> running the tests for?
> Thoughts?
> Brent

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