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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: SNAPSHOT issue on 1.4.1
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 11:00:27 GMT
Hi Louis,

On 22/05/2012, at 9:39 PM, Louis Smith wrote:

> What I mean is that when I do an "install" at all - a new timestamped
> version is created - not a "1.0.2-SNAPSHOT" which is what should be
> created.  Here is a text convert of the links I sent.  As you can see, each
> time I ran the install, it creates a new version (-1.pom, -2.pom), but all
> have a timestamp in the name which shouldn't be there.  This is a "master
> pom" project and I'm working on getting the reports to run (finally
> discovered there is a bug in APIViz under JDK 1.7 - so converting to
> UMLGraph for now).  Since the install doesn't create the desired/expected
> file (components-pom-1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.pom), my other projects can't reference
> it.  I have to keep doing a release and use the "live" version for testing.

Apologies, I'm still not following where your problem is, so let me break it down.

1) Timestamps vs. SNAPSHOT

Where I'm lost here is that you are looking at a remote repository, but referring to "install"
which deals with a local repository in Maven. I wonder if you are using the "deployment repository"
in Continuum to populate it?

The normal set up would be that you have Continuum running "mvn deploy", and the project configured
to deploy to the remote repository - with snapshots. There should never be a bare SNAPSHOT
in the remote repository - it's handled transparently by Maven and the metadata files.

2) Truncated POM

What's the content of the 4K POM? Do you have a link to the problem, as you said it had happened
before? It seems like it might be closely related to the previous mechanism being different
to what was expected.

You might have to describe your setup a bit more so I can understand the context of the errors
you're getting - there's clearly these two problems in the data you've provided, but I don't
know enough about how you're getting things there to speculate on the cause.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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