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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: what is needed for a 1.4.1 release (was: Move Continuum to Attic?)
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 00:48:19 GMT

On 04/05/2012, at 4:58 AM, Louis Smith wrote:

> I was going through my archive to find the reference, and got the same one
> you had.
> If I recall Correctly (which is rare...) I was able to rebuild redback and
> pop it into my 1.4.1-SNAPSHOT build of Continuum - and I've been running
> that for at least a year now.

Did you use 1.3, or a snapshot of trunk at some point in between where it is now and 1.3?

That'd be helpful to know, as one of the things on the list was:

"Probably the first thing to try is to see if Redback 1.3 is suitable to
drop in. Trunk is currently looking at 1.3-M2-SNAPSHOT, so it needs to be
updated. There may be some incompatible changes (and certainly 1.4 is far
more significant). If that becomes a problem, the other option is to
release off the 1.3-Mx branch with the required changes."


Brett Porter

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