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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: proposal to add platform field in the model used for build agents for continuum master
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 03:22:56 GMT
On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 10:08 PM, Mark John Kennedy Magallanes
<> wrote:
> Hi Wendy It's just an addition field to the model used in continuum when adding/registering
it to
> the continuum master. A suggestion to how would it be implemented is to request it from
the user
> when adding a build agent is perform and yes, it means the operating system. The advantage
of having
> this would be having the ability to select the build agents to used based on platforms
they are
> running on.

So this is an arbitrary string the user can enter anything into?

I guess I'm not sure why it's needed when there is already a
description field -- that's pretty much what I put in the description

And there is already a facility for grouping build agents.  How is
this going to change the UI for that or for how you select which set
of agents is used for particular builds?

Don't let me stop you if you have some grand plan for this new field,
but I'm concerned that this is adding complexity.  Continuum suffers
from a history of tacking on one thing after another and not
organizing it very well.


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