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From Mark John Kennedy Magallanes <>
Subject proposal to add platform field in the model used for build agents for continuum master
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2010 05:45:45 GMT
hi all,

I'm proposing to add a String field to the BuildAgentConfiguration model used in by the continuum
master to save build agents. Right now BuildAgentConfiguration has the following fields String
String description, boolean enabled, I'm suggesting to add another field String platform so
the continuum master could keep track of the platform of the registered build agents in the
master. This will in a way lessen the task when you want to know the available platforms of
the build
agents registered in the continuum master since it will also be recorded in the continuum.xml
than reading each registered build agents to know it's platform.

any feedback to my proposal? or any other suggestions?


Mark Magallanes

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