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From Brett Porter <>
Subject 1.4.0 upgrade (attn: Marica)
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 08:04:23 GMT
Hi Marica,

Let's test your memory, since this was nearly a year ago :)

In investigating CONTINUUM-2519, I noticed the Modello JDO files were now checked in instead
of generated.

This means that recent changes are not included in it, like the updatePolicy option.

This appears to have been done because it is not included in the latest version of Modello.

Do you remember why we needed to upgrade to the latest modello? For Java 5 support?

I'm wondering if we should manually update the JDO files, or import the old Modello JPOX code
into Continuum's SCM to work with the official 1.1.


Brett Porter

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