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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Proposal for improvements to Continuum distributed builds
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 13:24:58 GMT

Someone mentioned that this might be used for security before. That seems overly restrictive
- but you might want to consider adding an optional shared-secret password that is passed
through the build context and compared to the agent configuration too. Though I think the
best advice at the moment is to document "don't make agents public" :)

As an aside, in an issue Deng has since deleted (as the original premise wasn't relevant)
we were raising some points about the evolution of distributed build in general. Deng, did
you want to pick up that discussion here?

- Brett

On 05/08/2010, at 5:53 PM, Jevica Arianne B. Zurbano wrote:

> In distributed builds, the <continuumServerUrl> in $buildagent_home/conf/continuum-buildagent.xml
is used for determining where the buildagent should return the results to.
> With the current setup, the <continuumServerUrl> needs to be manually configured
especially if the the Continuum master runs on different host and port other than the default
(localhost:8080). Another limitation is that only one Continuum instance can use a buildagent.
> So, I propose to have the continuumServerUrl be configurable through the buildContext
which is sent by the master to the build agent. With this, the <continuumServerUrl>
in the continuum-buildagent.xml is still retained. So, if the <continuumServerUrl> is
not set in the continuum-buildagent.xml, the continuumServerUrl from the buildContext is used.
> In this way, a build agent can be used by multiple Continuum instances. And since the
continuumServerUrl is in the buildContext, the result is guaranteed to be returned to the
master who invoked the build.
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Jev

Brett Porter

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