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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Board report for February
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:36:01 GMT

I added the most recent events, and this is the board report that was in SVN. It was due a
few hours ago, so please let me know quickly if there is anything else that should be added:


Continuum Board Report for February 2010

Below are the important events that happened in the project since November.


* Continuum 1.3.5 (Beta) was released January 19, 2010


The number of issues left for the 1.3.6 release is in single digits and is
likely to be the first GA release of the series.

The developers discussed and agreed on a roadmap for 1.4 and beyond.


Dennis Lundberg was added as a committer, after offering to help with the

Emmanuel fixed some problems with the Continuum instance on VMBuild. The host
instance now seems to be stable, but work is still needed to clean up old
projects and upgrade to the latest release.


No board level issues at this time.


PS. hope you are recovering quickly Emmanuel!


Brett Porter

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