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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Schedules and Build Queues
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2010 22:15:56 GMT
While testing 1.3.5 I ran into this again.  IMO the configuration for
parallel builds is not intuitive and needs improvement.

I find that it's difficult to explain how the feature works, and that
each time I test it, I go through the following:

When you first start Continuum, you are presented with the general
configuration screen.  Here you can set the number of builds allowed
in parallel, say 3.  However as you add projects, you'll find that it
doesn't work and only one project builds at a time.

You figure out that you need to add more build queues -- Queue2 and
Queue3.  But still only one project builds at a time.

Perhaps you need to edit a Build Environment or a Build Definition?  No...

Finally you find that build queues are attached to schedules, so to
get parallel builds working, you have to
1. set the number of builds allowed in parallel in general configuration
2. add more queues
3. edit every schedule to select some queues.

Further, it won't let you add more queues than you have configured as
the max number of builds allowed in parallel.

To improve this, I think
 - there should be a single place to configure the feature
 - the user shouldn't have to create the queues, setting the number should do it
 - queues shouldn't belong to schedules (if queues are attached to
schedules, how do forced builds work?)


I'd like to get this into JIRA but I'm struggling with whether to
paste what I wrote above with a summary of "Parallel Build
configuration is not intuitive" or whether it needs to be broken up.


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