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From Brett Porter <>
Subject roadmap for 1.4?
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 23:44:41 GMT

I was looking at JIRA last week and thinking about where we want to go with the next release.
We have 1.3.5 being voted on and just a very few issues for 1.3.6 (and anything critical that
comes up in the 1.3.5 release might be included there). I see Wendy has just posted covering

For 1.4.0, there are a few new features in already, with about 20 or so issues closed. A lot
are duplicated with 1.3.x - do we need to use both versions in JIRA when 1.4.0 hasn't been
released? I thought the two versions was mainly used to indicate when a 1.4.x version had
been backported to 1.3.x later on.

Beyond that, there are about 40 issues for 1.4.0 and another 40 for 1.4.1, covering a range
of objectives. I thought it would be good to cut the 1.4.0 list down to a bare minimum, so
that the features already done can go out in an alpha release. Then perhaps we could set an
objective for the 1.4 GA release and find the issues that best relate to that. I think it'd
be good to have a documented goal that we can assess issues against from the backlog, or incoming

For mine, I'd like the 1.4 series to just focus on frequent problems and usability issues,
such as those that Sebb has been so diligently raising recently.

Concurrently, like Emmanuel, I'd like to start talking about some architectural changes for
releases beyond 1.5.

What do others think?

- Brett

Brett Porter

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