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From Marica Tan <>
Subject Re: 1.3.x branch GA release
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 07:31:22 GMT
Here are the following issues fixed in 1.3.4

CONTINUUM-2314 Password is printed in logs in clear text when adding a
project fails
CONTINUUM-2272 Able to add secured projects without credentials
CONTINUUM-2303 All projects in a group are added in the build queue if they
are 'NEW' even if you try to build selected projects only
CONTINUUM-2288 Association with build queues are deleted if temporal enable
distributedbuild and edit the schedule
CONTINUUM-2250 Build Environment error message is displayed on the first
accessed page
CONTINUUM-2204 Continuum occasionally failing with "too many open files"
after upgrade
CONTINUUM-2228 Edit Project Group Summary removes local repository
CONTINUUM-2256 Failed in release prepare "GenerateReactorProjectsPhase" if
local repository has spaces in it
CONTINUUM-2332 Generate separate source distribution for Continuum Build
CONTINUUM-2295 Getting NPE when trying to check if project should build or
CONTINUUM-2273 Improve performance on the group summary page
CONTINUUM-2315 Intermittent double builds in project
CONTINUUM-2320 NPE encountered while checking if project is in build queue
using distributed build
CONTINUUM-2261 NPE in check working directory action
CONTINUUM-2236 Not allowed a schedule is shared by Build Definition and
Purge Configuration
CONTINUUM-2240 Passwords are exposed in request log
CONTINUUM-2259 Project can still be added in the prepare build queue even if
it's already preparing build or in the prepare build queue itself
CONTINUUM-2257 Release arguments missing
CONTINUUM-2246 Release profile not respected during release perform even if
it is enabled
CONTINUUM-2253 SCM Root Url created is incorrect when reading a subproject
that has been previously deleted in a group
CONTINUUM-2248 Stacktrace error for invalid URL
CONTINUUM-2317 Unable to build some projects in build agent
CONTINUUM-2229 Update the status icon of the project when it is added in the
CONTINUUM-2195 Adding a new schedule does not work on first activation
CONTINUUM-2208 Group scm updates make builds look like they are not queued
CONTINUUM-2190 Hitting / on a distributed build agent brings up "Hello
CONTINUUM-2299 missing appenders in log4j configuration
CONTINUUM-2205 Occasional NullPointerException on httpError page
CONTINUUM-2199 Parallel build queue to schedule mapping is unclear
CONTINUUM-2301 Unify stdout/err logging in jetty bundles
CONTINUUM-2298 Upgrade jetty bundles to 6.1.19 and JSP 2.1
CONTINUUM-2300 Upgrade to slf4j 1.5.8
CONTINUUM-1755 Duplicate build definition template name is allowed
CONTINUUM-2328 Error message in project group summary page still shows in
the project groups page
CONTINUUM-2329 Error message when clicking the release button is not showing
in the project group summary page
CONTINUUM-2327 Getting 'not authorized' message after logging in
CONTINUUM-2316 Incorrect link to build environments in Understanding
Distributed Builds (setup section)
CONTINUUM-2274 Make wrapper.log roll each day so it won't get too large
CONTINUUM-2278 Remove the maven plugin from distribution
CONTINUUM-2281 Same recipient will be added several times in Notification
CONTINUUM-2296 Switch from slf4j-simple to slf4j-jdk14 in the jetty bundles
CONTINUUM-2307 Update documentation on log files
CONTINUUM-2290 Values of Project Name and Triggered By of the Project
Release Summary page when View Ouput link is clicked
CONTINUUM-2260 Missing audit log in some actions

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 9:49 AM, Marica Tan <> wrote:

> I think it's time to have the GA release for the 1.3.x branch.
> There are 6 remaining issues scheduled for 1.3.4.
> CONTINUUM-2163 Getting an unrecognized tag: 'scmResult' when upgrading from
> 1.3.1 to 1.3.x using data management cli.
> CONTINUUM-2284 Performance improvement
> CONTINUUM-2194 Unable to backup/restore users database from Redback 1.2
> using data management cli
> CONTINUUM-2326 Add documentation for releasing using distributed builds
> CONTINUUM-2141 Upgrade Modello to latest version so the model will be in
> java 5 format
> CONTINUUM-2336 Upgrade Redback to 1.3
> For CONTINUUM-2163, we need MODELLO to release 1.1 because the fix is
> included in that version. I already started the changes for CONTINUUM-2141
> locally and so far the only problem I encountered is in redback-legacy
> because I'm getting a compilation error when using java5 (I can just set
> java5 to false for the meantime in redback-legacy). Will commit the fix
> later.
> As for CONTINUUM-2194, it has a dependency on redback's issues which I
> already committed the fixes on redback's trunk and continuum is now using
> redback 1.3-SNAPSHOT. I will also commit the fix for CONTINUUM-2194 later.
> CONTINUUM-2284 is assigned to Emmanuel and I think there are some commits
> related to this (r787643, r787660, r788260, r788572, r788574).  Are there
> any more work for this that should be included in 1.3.4 or can we bump this
> to 1.4.0 instead?
> I'm planning to release 1.3.4 RC hopefully this weekend. Any objections,
> comments or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> --
> Marica

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