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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Adding project groups takes longer and longer
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:51:12 GMT
The actual system with the performance problem is using MySQL, however
these results and the graph were from a fresh 1.3.3 instance using the
embedded Derby database.

Another use case that is slow is simply logging in.  I've personally
timed it at 3 minutes from clicking the button to log in, before I see
the next page rendered.

Brett suggested turning on the JPOX sql query logging, and here's what
I see while logging in as admin:

Continuum 1.3.3 with 20 project groups - 3,192 SELECT queries
Continuum 1.3.3 with 400 project groups - 60,184 SELECT queries

It's not especially slow to log in as admin (5-6 seconds) with 400
project groups, but this is with an embedded Derby db, so the queries
aren't going out on the network.

In any case, why does it need to do *that* many queries simply to
process a login?


On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Emmanuel
Venisse<> wrote:
> It's very bad.
> Do you use  an embedded derby DB or an external? I don't think it is good to
> use an embedded DB for a "big" DB.
> Emmanuel
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Wendy Smoak <> wrote:
>> I've noticed Continuum getting slower and slower... we're trying to
>> track down exactly why, but one theory relates to there being lots of
>> user roles that have to be checked, which would mean there are lots of
>> project groups.
>> To try to reproduce that, I added 400 groups to a fresh Continuum
>> 1.3.3 instance.  I notice that it takes longer and longer to add each
>> group.  Here's a graph:
>> On trunk it's similar.  There in the audit log I can see there are 3
>> seconds between adding the second and third groups, and 19 seconds
>> between groups 399 and 400.  All in all it takes over an hour to add
>> 400 groups to an instance.
>> The test code is in the sandbox:
>> Any ideas?  Are we missing an index on some field?
>> --
>> Wendy

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