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From Brett Porter <>
Subject questions about Selenium tests
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 00:32:32 GMT

I was taking a look around at the source code and

  to try and figure out how I would add a test in future and had a few  

Can we filter in the server ports in so that they  
can all be changed from one place? This would also mean that running  
against your own instance would be -Dexisting-container - 
Dcontainer.port=12345 instead of modifying the properties.

In the doc, it refers to two build runs, but wouldn't it be better to  
illustrate the "mvn clean install -Pintegration" method of a single run?

Which sources are current? I see src/test/it, src/test/java and src/ 
test/testng. Preferably, they would all be under src/test/java to  
minimise configuration if only one tree is needed.

What is the role of the selenium-ide files? Do they need to be  
maintained concurrently?

It appears that the testng groups map one-to-one with the class name.  
Is that correct? If so, are they needed since the include/exclude  
could be done on class name instead? (the groups would be better  
served to broader categories - eg, all maven1 functionality when the  
tests span multiple classes).

What is the reason for listing all the groups directly? It seems easy  
to forget. It would be better to just selectively exclude (and in the  
docs at the moment, adding "excludes" is redundant if they aren't run  

Is there anywhere other than the code/scripts that we have written  
down the tests that are being used?

In the doc, the last section on creating/submitting patches could  
probably be on the site more generally, not just for the tests.

Are there any tips for creating tests - such as setting up pre- 
condition state (users, login, projects, etc), and ordering within in  
the classes?

Thanks for the work on these!


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