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From José Morales Martínez <>
Subject RE: Beta release on 1.3.x branch
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 00:13:54 GMT

I will fix iissue CONTINUUM-2235 too.

[CONTINUUM-2235] Continuum ignores 'enable' property in PurgeConfiguration for schedules

De: Marica Tan []
Enviado el: martes, 19 de mayo de 2009 2:07
Para: dev
Asunto: Beta release on 1.3.x branch


I know that 1.3.3 is supposed to be a GA release, but given the nature of
the fixes I think we may need to have another beta release on 1.3.x branch.

I'm planning to have the release this week and since we currently have 16
issues, I am planning to pull out some of them from 1.3.3 Beta.

Here are some issues that I think should be fixed before the release:

[CONTINUUM-2233] Unable to remove prepare build queues / build queues when
distributed build is enabled
[CONTINUUM-2231] Queues page should include the prepare build queue
[CONTINUUM-2177] NPE when building some projects in build agent
[CONTINUUM-2202] Update docs for using a build environment during a release
[CONTINUUM-2234] Update docs when building projects with different scenarios
[CONTINUUM-1979] Regression from 1.1. to 1.2.2: projects keep building even
without changes
[CONTINUUM-2163] Getting an unrecognized tag 'scmResult' error when
upgrading from 1.3.1 to 1.3.3 using data management CLI
[CONTINUUM-2194] Unable to backup/restore users database from Redback 1.2
using data management CLI

Issues that can be bumped to 1.3.4

[CONTINUUM-2208] Group SCM makes build look like they are not queued
[CONTINUUM-2041] Master should be able to detect an incorrect master url in
a build agent's config file
[CONTINUUM-2199] Parallel build queue to schedule mapping is unclear
[CONTINUUM-1974] JDBC password obfuscation support
[CONTINUUM-1599] Migration tool for continuum 1.0.3
[CONTINUUM-2204] Continuum occasionally failing with "too many open files"
after upgrade
[CONTINUUM-2190] Hitting / on a distributed build agent brings up "Hello
[CONTINUUM-2192] Remove jasper libraries from the buildagent web application
[CONTINUUM-2205] Occasional NullPointerException on httpError page

This is an enhancement and maybe should go to 1.4.x instead?
[CONTINUUM-702]  Ability to show build output only if build fails


If you guys think we can still bump some more issues from 1.3.3 or issues
that need to be fixed in 1.3.3 then please let me know.


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