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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Need patch review
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 00:32:12 GMT
There are several issues scheduled for 1.3.2 that need patches
reviewed and applied (or rejected with an explanation).

* CONTINUUM-1909	login and password ignored in checkout operation
* CONTINUUM-2058	Editing an Installation , page dont change
* CONTINUUM-2059	Dont validate envirotment name when create
installation with 'Create a Build Environment Installation with the
* CONTINUUM-2064	Default Build Enviroment List don't show installations
* CONTINUUM-1499	Translate to Brazilian Portuguese"

While I'm in there, here are the rest of the issues with the 'Patch
Submitted' flag set in JIRA:

* CONTINUUM-2093	Documentation improvements
* CONTINUUM-2095	Localization updates for 1.3 GA
* CONTINUUM-2094	Update the release prepare action to use
org.apache.maven.project.MavenProjectBuilder instead of
* CONTINUUM-798	Modules automatic discovery
* CONTINUUM-2050	Available Templates has "false" on top of delete icon
* CONTINUUM-2048	Parallel Build Queue Name accepts null value
* CONTINUUM-2033	Consolidate Mail Notification
* CONTINUUM-2025	Improve description of Build Environments and Installations
* CONTINUUM-1837	Report test results with ant
* CONTINUUM-1845	Notification mails is not always sent but just if the
build state changes
* CONTINUUM-1606	All modules are always rebuilt when using M2 with a
hierarchical structure
* CONTINUUM-1156	Continuum will not successfully delete build
directories containing symbolic links
* CONTINUUM-1586	Oracle DB use in Continuum
* CONTINUUM-1740	Problems with working directory and maven2 multiprojects


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