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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: thoughts on CONTINUUM-745
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 14:53:59 GMT

On 12/02/2009, at 5:08 PM, Edwin Punzalan wrote:

> Hi, guys.
> I've been out for quite some time and now that I have some spare  
> time, I
> hope you don't mind me looking through jira again.  ^_^

Welcome back :)

> As suggested, I looked at a solution that involves a checkout of the  
> poms
> from the SCM:

What about checking out the entire first project (since that'll have  
to happen anyway), then read the POMs from the filesystem?

That's actually very close to (or a step towards), this:

> And then I thought of an alternative (ambitious?) way to accomplish  
> this:
> Right now, when a parent pom is in a project group and a new module  
> is added
> to it, continuum will not discover this and doesn't create a new  
> project for
> that new module (right?).  So what I have in mind is to add a new  
> action
> (button?) that will look through all parent poms in the project group,
> determine if there are modules which do not have a corresponding  
> continuum
> project and create them.  We can even add this action to the  
> standard build
> workflow of continuum for auto-discovery.

That's a very highly desired feature, so if you're able to do so it  
would be great to have :)

> Then we can reuse this same action for CONTINUUM-745... that is, add  
> the
> multi-project pom into continuum (ignoring its modules during add)  
> to create
> just one continuum project to the project group.  And then the user  
> can
> choose to execute this action (or maybe its automatic after  
> checkout?) so
> that continuum projects will be created for its modules and added to  
> the
> project group.

Yes, this would certainly work!


Brett Porter

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