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From "Jan Ancajas" <>
Subject Consolidated Mail Notification Feature
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2009 15:44:02 GMT

I'd like to add new feature in Continuum to consolidate mail
notifications to notify only once per group instead of every project
in the group to reduce mail traffic.


A. UI/Configuration

   1. add a "Consolidate group notification" check box in the group
level notifier page, which would flag Continuum to consolidate the

B. Notification

   1. before the build starts, check whether the notification will be
consolidated or not
   2. if notification is to be consolidated,
          * for one multi-module project in one project group:
                o aggregate build results at the end of the project group build
                o send notification containing the build results of
the whole group
          * for multiple multi-module projects in one project group:
                o build results will be aggregated per multi-module project
                o send notification after each multi-module project's build ends

Created  CONTINUUM-2033 with the initial patch attached. Thoughts ? :)


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