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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: CONTINUUM-1513
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 19:16:28 GMT
On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 9:47 AM, Marc Lustig <> wrote:

> what please is the plan how to handle this issue?
> It is dated 05/Oct/07, and it still occurs in Continuum 1.2.2!
> It's a real blocker, as the error message doesn't give any hint to track
> down the root of the problem.

I commented on the issue.  It's not terribly clear from the the
information there.  What I think is happening is that you have a
scheduled build set up to use a Build Environment, which works, but
you get a failure when you try to release it.

When the Build Environments (formerly Build Profiles) feature was
introduced, it only applied to scheduled and forced builds, not to
releases.  A release would always use the default environment
Continuum was running in -- JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME, PATH, etc.

CONTINUUM-1572 added the ability to select a build environment for a
release, so if I understand the problem correctly, this should solve
the problem of the release always running in the default environment,
which doesn't have mvn on the path.  Do you see the new drop-down for
Build Environment when you try the release in 1.2.2?


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