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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: First Part of Distributed Builds
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 01:44:40 GMT
My understanding is that the first pass at this will require you to
select the slave for each project.

But eventually I envision it eventually being able to balance the load
across the slaves, selecting one with the right environment and
preferring the most recently used one (because the local repo there
will already have needed artifacts).

It should allow slaves to be added and removed on the fly and have a
notification or monitoring system.  I want to hook that up to a
provisioning system to automatically set up new slaves when the load
increases, and tear them down if they're not being used "enough" to
make the cost worth it.  Sounds like fun. :)


On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 6:36 PM, Christian Edward Gruber
<> wrote:
> Is there to be a mechanism for allowing distribution to slaves based on
> available environmental conditions?
> For example, if I'm CI'ing a Mac OS X app, but I have six machines in my CI
> cloud, two of which are OS-X, could I tell Continuum to spread out the
> projects among all slaves whose environments are hosted on OS-X?  Or would I
> need to specify that manually based on my own knowledge of those
> environments?

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